You'll earn a ton of reputation with your tab art

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November 29, 2023 Canada, British Columbia, 150 Mile House 18


Do you remember ladies and gentlemen that I made an Excel spreadsheet with all details on how to collect the loot and how many items drops specifically from which dungeon to you know, make sure you are maximizing your efficiency whenever possible. If you are able take a look at below the Excel spreadsheet here WoTLK Gold .


Now let's just say that the Wrath of Lich King dropped tomorrow Let's assume that it dropped tomorrow , and I'm only at level 80. What's the initial thing I'm going do? The first thing I'm going to go do is ensure that I have the Kirin Tor tab hard on me as quickly as possible. There are plenty of benefits from this faction that reward you as a caster DPS.


Then, after our joint advertisement, I'll run heroic Oculus holdings in heroic violet and heroic Old Kingdom as much as I can every day. I'm going to make sure that I complete the three heroics daily. The three dungeons offer 15 items to acquire, which is huge for preparing efficiently.


Additionally, you'll earn a ton of reputation with your tab art. the ability for the chance to obtain that Check piece. Or that that dagger or that weapon, which is extremely essential in this regard as well. By the way, you may also check out the tab board for worm rest to purchase a two-for one, If you're looking to do so. It all depends on the kind of thing you'd like.


However, if you manage to obtain a frozen orb from those dungeons, or perhaps buy one from a friend or obtain one from the Auction House or from a convicted criminal if you do manage to find one or two you can make some powerful items like for instance the EB and we've got robes for the EB and we've gloves for tightening steel spell blades or, if you're constructing goggles. They're all incredible powerful, massive power-spiking objects.


So if you're definitely looking for a huge power boost and you've got the frozen orb as well as the resources, you should definitely buy one of these monsters or even two. In the end, it's to fill in the rest of the armor gaps and ensuring you've got your hit percentage covered no matter what that's going to be your top priority . So you'll be continuing the process from one to three over the course of three or four days and you should have plenty of equipment by then. it shouldn't be too long to complete this process in a linear fashion cheap WoTLK Gold 


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