The biggest weakness of RuneScape

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April 23, 2022 United States, California, Alpine 5


The most impressive act of kindness is on the part of the developers Jagex who dedicated an inside-game monument (and in recent times, a pub) in memory of a star player known as 'The Old Nite The Old Nite' who tragically died in real life in the year 2006. The player was active since the game's launch in 2001. He often held the title of second-highest ranking player, right second only to RS Gold Zezima.

In the wake of alleged activities in his profile after 2006, there was a rumor that there was a chance he could still be alive however, this was believed to be due to hackers temporarily accessing his account that was locked. While neither one of these claims are substantiated in any way the virtual version of a ghost story can show another interesting aspect of MMORPGs stories that could be uncovered about players who actually play the game.

I'm not certain if the statue of The Old Nite still exists however it was located near the southern end of the Wilderness (or "Wildy" for short) which is a vast expanse of scrubland to the north that is frequented by animals and players-killers. I've never been to visit it. I'm a fool.

The biggest weakness of RuneScape, which could also be its greatest benefit, is one common to almost every other game: its longevity. Between the exciting quests and intense PvP battles is the constant grinding out of everyday chores such as mining, fishing or cooking in order to increase your level or gain credits to purchase the latest item of gear or helmet. Gotta make money somehow, right?

While these activities may be moderately relaxing, it's time that is spent doing the same thing repeatedly - time that buy osrs gold cheapest could or might have been better used playing with a few shorter, but not less popular video games.


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